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Manchester Tragedy our school's response

Dear All

I wanted to let you know about our response at school to the terrible incident that occurred in Manchester. Yesterday a number of classes in answer to questions from children had the opportunity to discuss what had happened; however today is the first time we have met together for Collective Worship since the tragedy occurred. Obviously some children are more aware of events than others, so I did not dwell on details of the attack but more importantly wanted to focus on the kindness that was shown by others in their dealings of the incident e.g. the taxi drivers offering free rides, the medical staff turning up for work when off duty, people handing out food etc. This typifies the Bible verse that we have above our front door, which was our focus for last Wednesday's Collective Worship 'My commandment is this: love one another as I have loved you' John 15 v 12.

As I explained to the children unfortunately bad things happen in the world, every day, sadly most do not even make it on to our new bulletins. However the good people in the world far, far outweigh those trying to harm us, and together if we stand united in love then that must be the best response. Just as the community of Manchester have decided that they are pulling together and not allowing evil to pull them apart.

Finally I said a prayer for all those who are hurting and upset by the events that have taken place.

Hopefully with this information you will be able to deal more easily with any conversations raised within your homes.

Kind Regards