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Our Wonder Wall

Each Monday we recognise on our 'Wonder Wall' those children who we consider have shown in the previous week that they are outstanding learners. To be an outstanding learner you have to have demonstrated that you are:

  • Open to new experiences
  • Persistent
  • Curious
  • Focussed on what is relevant
  • Resilient
  • Risk taker
  • Full of wonder
  • Willing to ask for support
  • Responsible for your own learning
  • Keen to learn from mistakes

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 17th Dec 2018 are :

Nathan Lester

Theo Allwood

Isaac Olliffe

Demi Fury

Bethany Fox

Lottie Carr

Cubby Brand-Rea

Francesca Lister

Jack Eagles

Daniel Gannon

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 10th Dec 2018 are :

Ava Jackson

Willow Smithurst

Evie Wheeldon

Year 4

Grace Lowe

Oliver Gosling-Barr

Iris Allan

Florence Wheatley

Hannah Baird

The Choir

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 19th Nov 2018 are :

Ben Rodgers

Emily Batchelor

Grace Fieldwick

Jessica Nelson

Emily Francis

Terri-Anne Taylor

McKenzie Woolley

Jack Rogers

Sophie Downer

Tristan Frost

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 12th Nov 2018 are :

Lily Bowman-Cast

Rory Hales

Lilly Taylor

Lucy Baird

Thomas Greaves

Isabel Merrills

Halle Farby

Millie Woodward

Christopher Matumbike

Edward Clarke

Joshua Downer

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 5th Nov 2018 are :

Ethan Waterhouse

Annabelle Martindale

Oliver Statham

James Wheeldon

Rhys Turner

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 22nd Oct 2018 are :

Daniel Powell

Zac Burroughes

Freya Rosevear

Alfie Ramm

Phoebe Cook

Amelie Gannon

Ollie Warham

Layla Richards

William Marshall

Hunter Munks

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 15th Oct 2018 are :

George Watson

Isaac Hudson

Isaac Blagg

Jake Cook

Alice Nixon

Scarlett Stephens

Oliver Waterall

Amelia Robinson

Charlotte Smart

Charlotte Naylor

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 8th Oct 2018 are :

Noah Wood

Felicity Almond

Joshua Coyne

McKenzie Woolley

Elena Tsang

Poppy Rogers

Isla Adams

Bethany Fox

Finley Ramowski

Max Weiss

Lula West



Our Outstanding learners for w/b 1st Oct 2018 are :

Ellis Eadson

Jack Vickers

Rory Hales

Joseph Camm

Harry Monk

Megan Gallagher

Seth Cooper


Our Outstanding learners for w/b 24th Sept 2018 are :

William Cox

Esmee Mapstone

Jeff Park

Chloe Gilbert

Willow Smithurst

Leighton Jarosinski

Joshua Downer

George Shepherd

Harry talma

Jack Howells

Max Atherton

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 17th Sept 2018 are :

Leon Smith

Jake Bennett

Chloe McShane-Bannister

Scarlett Radford

William Downing

Connor Bosson

Ella Cook

James Bower

Harry Callaghan-Wetton

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 10th Sept 2018 are :

Missy Wiltshire

Charlotte Wright

Noah Bolam

Katy Johnson

Elliot Gosling-Barr

Harriet Islip

Lilly Hennig

Jack Eagles