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Our Wonder Wall

Each Monday we recognise on our 'Wonder Wall' those children who we consider have shown in the previous week that they are outstanding learners. To be an outstanding learner you have to have demonstrated that you are:

  • Open to new experiences
  • Persistent
  • Curious
  • Focussed on what is relevant
  • Resilient
  • Risk taker
  • Full of wonder
  • Willing to ask for support
  • Responsible for your own learning
  • Keen to learn from mistakes

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 14th May 2018 are :

Violet Bradley-Preston

Francesca Lister

Evie Wheeldon

Ben Humble

Bella Ilic

Gracie Hodgkiss

Trinity Garner

Alys Molyneux

Alex Patel

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 30th April 2018 are :

Daisy Hutchinson

Isla Millns

Oliver Statham

Amy Bray

Tilly Wollacott

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 23rd April 2018 are :

George Watson

Poppy Powell

Emily Batchelor

Chloe McShane-Bannister

Oliver Waterall

Alfie Clark

Harry Monk

William Wheatley

Kate Turner

Kiera Gosden

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 16th April 2018 are :

Evie Wollacott

Emilia Hope

Henry Townsend

Tanisha Smith

Poppy Peet

Leah Ball

Ashleigh Savage

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 12th March 2018 are :

Chloe Saunders

Hayley Stapleton

Ollie Silcock

Christopher Matumbike

Lottie Carr

Matthew Foster

Daisy Billam

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 12th February 2018 are :

Elliot Green

Isaac Hudson

Willow Smithurst

Poppy Doherty

Summer Majed

Mia Fitzerman

Jacob Carr

Oliver Patel

Gilbert Miller

Caleb Smith

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 5th February 2018 are :

Ben Hazard

Patch Kelly

Harley Paget

Harry Howells

Finley Kelly

Theo Allwood

Sam Humble

Jacob Statham

Megan Johnson

Abigail Wheeldon

Joshua Downer

George Shepherd

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 29th January 2018 are :

Megan Whitmee

Callum Lowe

Ewan Hevness

Anya Cook

Owen Richardson

Martha Watson

Elle-Mai Hopkinson

Connor Bosson

Charlotte Wright

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 22nd January 2018 are :

Isla Adams

Elizabeth Martindale

Daniel Gannon

Charlotte Naylor

Delphine Murray

Eleanor Huffen

Aidan Farrimond

Alan Michalski

Poppy Oldham

Chloe Gilbert


Our Outstanding learners for w/b 15th January 2018 are :

Lacey Sheppard

Maddi Smith

Thomas Foster

Benjamin Rodgers

Jack Chandler-Crawshaw

Leah MacLean-Buttolph

Jack Vickers

Erin Blencowe

Harry Monk

Lucie Dwyer


Our Outstanding learners for w/b 8th January 2018 are :

Sam Buckley

Lilly Hennig

Scarlett Bosson

Ellis Eadson

Our Outstanding learners for December 2017 are :

Evie Wheeldon

Jemma Parkin

Feeya Asong

Casper Murray

Joshua Howells

Florence Wheatley

Oliver Asher-Hibbett

Kitty Whitmee

Caitlyn Peace

Sam Humble

Percy Grimwood

Sophie Downer

Daniel Gannon



Our Outstanding learners for w/b 27th November 2017 are :

Megan Whitmee

Tulip Wood

Evie Wollacott

Oliver Jukes

Martha Kelly

Erin Burton

Jet Du Toit

Olivia Hopkinson

Laila Stephens

Francesca Lister

Ellie Molloy

Naomi Robichon



Our Outstanding learners for w/b 20th November 2017 are :

Layla Richards

Nathaniel Bolam

Charlie Allwood

Scarlett Radford

Oliver Gosling- Barr

Sam Murcott

George Watson

Pippa Cook

Rory Hales

Year 4


Our Outstanding learners for w/b 13th November 2017 are :

Danny Rodgers

Henry West

Jacob Sweeting

Molly Lawrence

Poppy Powell

Emilie Lawrence

Jude Du Toit

Grace Fieldwick

Amelie Almond

Jeff Park

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 30th October 2017 are :

Lucy Baird

Harriet Islip

Megan Brown

Bethany Weiss

Isaac Blagg

Halle Farby

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 16th October 2017 are :

Marcus Fitzerman

Ben Hazard

All of RW

Jack Rogers

Leighton Jarosinski

Edward Hardstaff

Violet Bradley-Preston

Holly Haynes

Seanan Carter

James Murcott

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 9th October 2017 are :

Annie Wheatley

Finlay Downing

Year 3

Evelyn Docherty

Finley Ramowski

Poppy Rogers

Delphine Murray

Molly Allott

Charlotte Callaghan-Wetton

George Waterhouse

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 2nd October 2017 are :

Benjamin Sargison-Bowler

Joshua Downer

Leighton Jarosinski

Isabella Robinson

Owen Tetley

Grace Jones-Eccles

Thomas Cracknell

Daisy Hutchinson

Archie Barton

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 18th September 2017 are :

Ruby Matthews

Lillie Mottram

Sophie Cook

Daniel Powell

Charlie Jones

Isla Adams

Scarlett Stephens

Alfie Knowles

Joshua Coyne

Terri-Anne Taylor

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 11th September 2017 are :

Daisy Billam

Jack Buckley

Lula West

Patrick Carr

Ashleigh Savage

Noah Bolam

Evie Wheeldon

Evan Eadson

Elliot Green