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Our Wonder Wall

Each Monday we recognise on our 'Wonder Wall' those children who we consider have shown in the previous week that they are outstanding learners. To be an outstanding learner you have to have demonstrated that you are:

  • Open to new experiences
  • Persistent
  • Curious
  • Focussed on what is relevant
  • Resilient
  • Risk taker
  • Full of wonder
  • Willing to ask for support
  • Responsible for your own learning
  • Keen to learn from mistakes

Our Outstanding learners for w/b 10th July are :

James Murcott

Daniel Gannon

Sam Murcott

Martha Watson

Harry Stapleton

Lily Pogson

Hollie Fleet

Hannah Baird

Finley Ramowski

Aaron Coopey

Millie Woodward

Phoebe Cook

Lilly Taylor

Ethan Pitt

Jack Fitzgerald

Olivia Hopkinson

Henry Townsend



Our Outstanding learners for w/b 3rd July are :

Edward Fleet

Elle-Mai Hopkinson

Evie Wollacott

Evelyn Docherty

Isaac Selby-Smith

Florence Wheatley

Year 2

Ellie Molloy

Our Outstanding learners for June 2017 are :

Lottie Warham

Tulip Wood

Girls' Football Team

Kitty Whitmee

Elena Tsang

Rhys Turner

Harry Monk

Charlotte Smart

Lauren Pegg

Oliver Statham

Scarlett Radford

Harry Callaghan-Wetton

Leah Ball

Rory Hales

The Cricket team



Our Outstanding learners for w/b 15th May 2017 are :

Lucy Baird

Elliot Gosling-Barr

Dylan Jackson

Oliver Blockley

Spencer Merrills

Emilie Lawrence

Abigail Wheeldon

Ben Humble

Year 6


Our Outstanding learners for w/b 8th May 2017 are :

Maddi Smith

Harry Monk

Emily Francis

Grace Fieldwick

Grace Jones-Eccles

Hunter Munks

Willow Smithurst

Archie Barton

Class 3W