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Time to Celebrate

Each month at our special 'Time to Celebrate' assembly we celebrate and present certificates to children we feel have done something special that is worth celebrating.

In April we celebrated the following people:

Scarlett Wass for being a shining star in life who always gives 100%.

George Waterhouse for his superb attitude to learning.

Leah Maclean-Buttolph for her determination to succeed and acting on feedback given.

Lucy Naylor for her drive and determination and giving everything to the task in hand.

Adam Cracknell for being a good friend to everyone and always trying his hardest.

Abigail Wheeldon for having a fantastic attitude to her work despite a recent spell in hospital.

Eleanor Huffen for showing such effort and perseverance in her work.

Jack Rogers for always striving to do his best at all times even when things are difficult.

Adam Farrimond for his wonderful love of learning and giving 100%.

Tafara Makondo for pushing himself to do his best and setting a strong example to others.

In March we celebrated the following people:

James Bower for his wonderful performance in 'Hoodwinked'!

Joe Camm for his positive attitude and going the 'extra mile'.

Hollie Fleet for showing great determination and always doing her best.

Daisy Billam for tackling new challenges with an open mind and gaining great success.

Martha Watson for being an amazing and responsible young lady.

Sam Higman for working so hard and always trying to apply new learning.

Harriet Islip for being a dependable, likeable girl who is always ready to learn.

Harley Paget for working so hard and showing great resilience.

Percy Grimwood for being such a creative superstar!

Harry Howells for trying so hard all the time and really growing in confidence.

In February we celebrated the following people:

Charlie Jones for being polite, helpful and taking care of everyone and everything.

Spencer Merrills for making amazing progress in all areas of the curriculum.

Logan Yarnell for super contributions in class and displaying a more mature attitude to his work.

Erin Blencowe for displaying such a positive 'have a go' attitude and being kind and helpful.

Jack Howells for being beautifully kind, polite and so hardworking and focussed.

Matthew Foster for being an active and positive learner with a great 'I can't do it yet' attitude.

Alice Nixon for her wonderful contributions to class, always listening and soaking up like a sponge.

Seanan Carter for giving 100%, pushing herself and going that extra mile. A fantastic role model!

Millie Doherty for working so hard in all areas, displaying keenness and enthusiasm.

Oliver Jukes for listening carefully, giving 100% and showing kindness to his friends.

Annabelle Martindale for showing exceptional resilience and perseverance. Brilliant!

In January we celebrated the following people:

Jack Vickers for always giving 100% and being a superstar!

Jack Buckley for being an active learner and stepping up to the challenges Y6 brings.

Jacob Sweeting for having an amazing attitude to his learning.

Terri-Anne Taylor for being such a wonderful pupil with a fantastic attitude to learning.

Olivia Hopkinson for such a positive attitude to her learning, especially her maths.

Sam Murcott for always trying his best and having a super attitude. Fantastic!

Charlotte Callaghan-Wetton for being conscientious, hardworking and being a role model to others.

Lilly Hennig for demonstrating a can do attitude  to her work, especially with her maths.

Finley Hull for working so hard and being a kind, gentle, honest young man.

Lucie Dwyer for always trying her best and having a fantastic attitude to her learning.

Elle-Mai Hopkinson for without exception giving her very best to all challenges given.


In December we celebrated the following people:

Hannah Baird for being a wonderful star in class, giving 100% all the time and being amazing.

Finley Ramowski for a wonderful attitude to learning and working so hard on his presentation.

Molly Lawrence for her growing confidence and brilliant achievements across the board.

Seb Schmidt for being a confident, hardworking member of class who always gives 100%.

Jacob Townsend for being a superstar in the Nativity and displaying a growing confidence.

Laila Stephens for her love for learning especially her work in phonics and writing.

Theo Allwood for being such an enthusiastic and hoard working learner.

Thomas Foster for being so keen to improve and giving his best to all of his work.

Patrick Carr for a consistently outstanding attitude to all his learning.

Missy Wiltshire for being an 'always' child. Always trying hard, always doing the right thing.

Adam Cracknell for being a great team worker and encouraging friend to others.


In November we celebrated the following people:

Pippa Cook for taking on difficult challenges with such a positive attitude.

Trinity Garner for displaying such a  super attitude to her learning.

Lauren Pegg for being consistently brilliant all of the time.

Poppy Peet for taking everything in her stride and being so reliable and trustworthy.

Chloe Gilbert for her all round brilliant effort and hard work.

Jack Eagles for making a fantastic start to Y3 and being a delight to have in class.

Molly Allot for always producing work of the highest level and striving to improve.

Megan Shore for consistently being reliable, hard working and a positive role model to her peers.

Isaac Blagg for always doing the right thing at the right time.

George Watson for working hard, listening carefully and trying his best.

Oliver Blockley for giving 100% effort in to all his work.

In October we celebrated the following people:

Laura Clemente for always putting in 100% effort even when things are tricky.

Emilie Lawrence for taking risks in her learning and working well on feedback given.

Caleb Gallinagh for a brilliant work ethic completing tasks to a high standard.

Millie Woodward for displaying a wonderful 'I can do' attitude towards her learning.

Naomi Robichon for taking a pride in her work and realising practice pays off.

Noah Wood for a positive attitude and cheerful outlook, always looking out for others.

Kaleesi Hill for growing in confidence over the past few weeks and making super progress.

Connor Bosson for amazing effort in lessons, going from strength to strength.

Bella Ilic for never giving up, having such an outstanding attitude to learning.

Jessica Nelson for her growing confidence and always being kind and caring.


In September we celebrated the following people:

Ben Hazard for being 100% Mr Reliable and an excellent role model for others.

Sophie Cook for throwing herself into every new task with grit and determination.

Travis Burton for being so enthusiastic and having a brilliant attitude to his work.

Poppy Oldham for always giving that little bit extra in her learning.

Amelie Gannon for being conscientious, hard working and kind to others.

Evie Peet for setting a wonderful example to others. A brilliant Y6 role model.

Erin Burton so reliable and compassionate to those who need help.

George Shepherd settling in so well and setting a great example to others.

Caitlyn Peace for always striving to do her best and displaying excellent manners.

Ester Weaver for making a fantastic start to school and helping everyone.

Charlotte Smart for setting the standards of work and behaviour for others to follow.