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Time to Celebrate

Each month at our special 'Time to Celebrate' assembly we celebrate and present certificates to children we feel have done something special that is worth celebrating.

In May  we celebrated the following people:

Harriet Islip for being an always child: always works hard, always smiles, always a delight.

Rory Hales for being a reading and writing superstar!

Edward Fleet for being an all round outstanding learner; focussed, curious and learns from mistakes.

Oliver Sargisson-Bowler for channelling all his energy into amazing things.

William Wheatley for his determined and conscious effort to improve in every subject.

Lucy Baird for being an absolute superstar who is always up for a challenge.

The whole of 6F for being SATs superstars, giving their best to everything that came their way.

Terri-Anne Taylor for having an amazing attitude to her learning putting in extra effort when required.

Poppy Oldham for always giving her best in lessons, working her socks off!

Hannah Fieldwick for working so hard, always giving her best and being a real pleasure to teach.

In April  we celebrated the following people:

Caitlyn Peace for being such a calm, modest, reflective young lady.

Beth Park for a superb work ethic and showing such resilience to overcome personal battles.

Erin Young for making fantastic progress in all areas of her work.

Oliwier Michalski for being so persistent in his work, especially his reading.

Sophia Shaw for her growing confidence and blossoming achievements.

Kitty Whitmee for trying so hard with her writing and caring so well for the class chicks.

Lula West for her positive contributions to class, working so hard and being a real asset.

Iris Allan for being a phonics superstar!

McKenzie Gallagher for making fantastic progress with his handwriting.

Lily Taylor for trying so hard,listening carefully and acting upon advice given.

In March  we celebrated the following people:

Emily Batchelor for her growing focus on her work and keenness to learn.

Jemma Parkin for her focussed concentration especially in her written work.

Poppy Powell  for listening carefully to instructions and always doing her best.

Emilia Hope for trying hard in everything she does.

Melodie Knight for never giving up, even when the going gets tough.

Joe Camm for throwing himself into the production with gusto.

Alex Patel for being a fantastic learner and a wonderful brother.

Alice Nixon for her wonderful calm and considerate nature.

In February  we celebrated the following people:

Daisy Hutchinson for her curiosity and openness to new experiences.

Elana Tsang for her growing confidence and risk taking.

Laura Clemente for her maturity, resilience and application.

Noah Wood for being such a committed learner and a real pleasure to have in class.

Casper Murray his focus on work and growing independence in his learning.

Sophie Downer for being a consistently hard worker who always tries her best.

Ruby Matthews for working hard and always trying to challenge herself especially in maths.

Cicely Blagg for trying so hard in everything he does, always going above and beyond.

Keisha Smith for being such a caring girl with a heart of gold.

Marcus Fitzerman for wonderful maths work and a love of learning.


In January  we celebrated the following people:

Evie Wollacott for hard work and dedication to all her school work, especially reading.

Connor Bosson for an amazing attitude and always doing the right thing.

Adam Cracknell for always giving 100% and having a 'can do' attitude.

Benjamin Rodgers for being such a delight to teach, always putting his hand up.

Alan Michalski for displaying real sportsmanship, tolerance and resilience.

Joseph Camm for a super attitude to learning, always challenging himself.

Grace Lowe for always listening and contributing well in class.

James Murcott for being an outstanding learner and working as hard as he can.

Finley Downing for impressing us all with your extra effort.

Edward Armett for showing such a great attitude, listening well and being such a caring individual.



In December  we celebrated the following people:

Megan Whitmee for her wonderful attitude to her learning and her support of others.

Martha Kelly for being such an active learner and always having a smile on her face.

Caitlin Wass for her exemplary behaviour, hard work and focus.

Jeff Park for always giving 100% to every thing that is asked of him.

Lolly Pegg for being a fantastic role model to others, showing a great attitude to her learning.

Ollie Warham for showing amazing amounts of perseverance and focus this term.

Leighton Jarosinski for coming so far since starting school and being so caring and helpful.

Daniel Gannon for such a positive attitude to learning and always making the right choices.

Francesca Lister for her dedication to her learning, always giving 100% to her tasks.

Tyler Robinson for settling into to school so well and trying so hard.


In November  we celebrated the following people:

Thomas Foster for putting so much effort into his work and taking responsibility for learning.

Elizabeth Martindale for being a superstar in the play and  learning her lines so well.

Hollie Fleet for being an amazing Nativity host. A star in the making.

Scarlett Stephens for a brilliant attitude to learning.

Joshua Green for a motivated, positive attitude to learning. He is the 'fronted adverbial' king.

Jack Rogers for making a great start to the year and having such a fantastic attitude to learning.

Jacob Statham for his growing maturity and independence. He shows a real thirst for learning.

Daniel Powell for his wonderful attitude to learning and exploring Numicon so well.

Kieran Shore for his focus, determination and resilience especially in fraction work.

Archie Barton for his attitude, commitment and general all round excellent behaviour.

In October  we celebrated the following people:

Delphine Murray for always giving 100% and wanting to improve.

Scarlett Almond for consistently being ready to look, listen and ready to learn.

Lucie Dwyer for being kind, helpful and always making the right choices.

Kate Bower for a fantastic attitude to learning.

Josh Downer for setting himself the highest of standards in learning and behaviour.

Megan Brown always going that extra mile to be kind and thoughtful and so hard working.

Jack Howells for growing in confidence and persevering when things get tough.

Maddi Smith for trying so hard at school and showing such brilliant storytelling skills.

Pippa Cook for working so hard in numeracy and taking a real responsibility for her learning.

Charlotte Callaghan-Wetton for settling in so well to her new school and learning from her mistakes.

Ashleigh Savage for being a model pupil! Always so helpful and eager to please.

In September  we celebrated the following people:

Erin Blencowe for her positive attitude and being a great role model.

Molly Allott for always giving 100% in everything we do.

Theo Allwood for settling in well and having a great attitude to new activities.

Jake Turner for being so polite  and helpful to others.

Lucy Naylor for being a polite, kind, fantastic role model.

Ashleigh Smith for working so hard and being a wonderful Y6.

Ben Hazard for his kind, caring attitude and taking everything in his stride.

Sumer Majed for her wonderful smile and always doing whatever is asked of her.

Harry Stephens for his focussed, positive attitude towards his work.

Harry Ballard for being so hardworking and always been willing to help others.