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B&A Club Booking  - Summer Term 2021

Spaces available 

Monday am -1            Monday pm

Tuesday am             Tuesday pm - 2

Wednesday am       Wednesday pm 

Thursday am           Thursday pm

Friday am - 2           Friday pm -1


Please contact Judith to book a place and to check availability if you require any ad-hoc sessions (


Booking Form Release Dates


At the moment we are planning for the new academic year, but due to the current situation the B&A places will begin when school fully re-opens.


To book for the academic year 2020/2021:

B&A Booking form is now available to be submitted after 7.30am on 8th JULY 2020 

Please note- forms submitted prior to this time will not be accepted. 

Places will be allocated by timed response as in previous years.


If you are unsuccessful in securing a place, you can make a request to be added to the waiting list which begins every academic year.


September 2020 (new place) booking form:click the link below

We occasionally have daily cancellations at B&A.

Contact  Judith Daykin who will advise on any ad-hoc spaces which may be available. 


Please read all about our B&A Club


Cancellation Form

If you wish to cancel a B&A place you will need to give four weeks notice.

You can complete the form below or email Judith with your request.

If you wish us to administer any medication while your child is at B&A you will need to complete the form below.