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B&A Club Booking  - July 2020

We have remaining spaces available for September 2020

Monday am       Monday pm

Tuesday am       Tuesday pm

Wednesday am   Wednesday pm

Thursday am        Thursday pm

Friday am - 6     Friday pm - 8


Booking Form Release Dates


At the moment we are planning for the new academic year, but due to the current situation the B&A places will begin when school fully re-opens.


To book for the academic year 2020/2021:

B&A Booking form is now available to be submitted after 7.30am on 8th JULY 2020 

Please note- forms submitted prior to this time will not be accepted. 

Places will be allocated by timed response as in previous years.


If you are unsuccessful in securing a place, you can make a request to be added to the waiting list which begins every academic year.


September 2020 (new place) booking form:click the link below

We occasionally have daily cancellations at B&A.

Contact  Judith Daykin who will advise on any ad-hoc spaces which may be available. 


Please read all about our B&A Club


Cancellation Form