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Class 4

           Welcome to Class 4 


Hello! We are Class 4... year 1 and year 2 and we are so excited to see what this year holds. Here, we will share the amazing things we learn and the fun that we have! 









Discover- Where Will Your Faith Take You?


We are learning about the voyage of the Mayflower as part of Discover... a theme in our new creative curriculum. We will be thinking about the power of faith and that amazing things can be achieved with perseverance and the belief in a new way.


On Friday 18th September, KS1 went on journey across the Atlantic ocean and with lighting and sound effects, we recreated what it might have been and felt like on that voyage across the ocean.

We've really enjoyed getting back into our PE lessons. We are covering multi-skills and each week, we are developing a variety of skills essential to sport- for example balance and throwing skills.

            Team cups challenge!


The the tallest and strongest tower using plastic cups! We worked as a team to strategise, communicate and collaborate to build the best tower. 


        Our Creation Nature Scavenger Hunt 


As part of our RE, we went on a creation nature scavenger hunt. We considered the creation story and thought about God as maker. Here is what we discovered!