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Class 7

Welcome to Class 7

             Who Left The Greatest Legacy?

What we have done so far this term. 


We have been busy with our topic of, 'Who Left the Greatest Legacy', where we have been studying the Ancient Egyptians and we are now looking at the Stone Age and in particular the Neolithic period. 


So far we have studied: 


  • The gift of the Nile.
  • Egyptian traditions.
  • A Pharaoh's home.
  • What it was like to be an Egyptian? 


In Maths during the autumn term, we have been studying; place value, addition and subtraction, and measuring including length and perimeter.  We have covered many areas of number sense and arithmetic and have also looked at some of the strategies that are used to solve reasoning problems.  We have also used the 'Hit The Button' and TTRockstars websites to learn our Tables.





In English, we have learnt about several different genres of English.  We started with narrative where we looked at the text 'The Egyptian Cinderella' the original and ancient tale that inspired the traditional tale that we all know today.  We continued with narrative after half term when we studied the text 'Stone Age Boy'. We have also learnt how to structure an instructional text and how to use features such as imperative verbs and a variety of adverbs including adverbs of time. 

We are currently studying persuasive texts and how we can use techniques in our written work to convince people to see our point or buy or amazing products. 


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