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Curriculum Statement and Whole School Overview

At Farnsfield St Michael’s Primary School, we plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to the needs and experiences of our pupils.

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in love and Christian faith, underpinned by our seven ‘rainbow values’. Through real outcomes and concept driven learning, our curriculum develops children’s skills, knowledge and wider experiences in order for them to become well-rounded individuals.

Our curriculum is designed to ignite a passion for learning that will continue long after children have left our school. As our school motto says, at Farnsfield St Michael’s we ‘love to learn, learn to love.’


Across school we have termly themes; 'Discover' (History based), 'Create' (Arts based) and 'Explore' (Geography based). Each phase in school plans around a central question that all learning is pinned on. Each term has a real outcome that children work towards.


Each subject has its own page where you can find out more about learning and coverage.


Below is an overview of this term's 'Discover' learning.



Topic focus

Real Outcomes


Who am I? Where am I from?

Learning about ourselves and our families

Create class version of the book ‘We Are All Different’.

Key Stage One (Y1&2)

Where will your faith take you?

The Pilgrims’ journey on the Mayflower, the origins of Thanksgiving

Video calls and letters exchanged with a school in Boston, USA.

Lower Key Stage Two (Y3&4)

Who left the greatest legacy?

The Egyptians and the Stone Age

Showcase of work from the topic.

Upper Key Stage Two (Y5&6)

What will your legacy be?

The Victorians

Creating a metal sculpture.