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Curriculum Statement

In September 2014 the government introduced a new national curriculum. Prior to that St Michael's had delivered the previous curriculum in what was termed a 'creative curriculum' approach. This meant that the learning was not broken down into discrete subjects, but instead was thematic and 'topic' based. This we believe is a more accurate reflection of real life, where learning is inter-connected and within a topic such as 'Mighty Mountains' there are opportunities to undertake learning objectives in geography, literacy, science, design technology etc. in a fun and child friendly way. This approach proved very popular with both children, parents and staff and we were  very concerned that we did not want to lose such good practice on the introduction of the new curriculum. We therefore researched how this approach could continue and have found the Edison Learning Connected Curriculum was a very helpful solution. Although we have not adopted their approach in its entirety we are using some of their material as a foundation for our curriculum coverage. Below is an extract from their website as to how they view their curriculum design:

The Connected Curriculum provides a strong framework through which the connections between subjects are clearly mapped, whilst providing adaptability and flexibility so that the lives and heritage of learners and their communities can be distinctively embedded. With distinctiveness and relevance designed in from the start, the opportunity exists to create a unique curriculum that fulfils national curriculum requirements and the needs of individual learners. Importantly, the Connected Curriculum recognises the value of schools providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills.


On separate pages we have given further details as to how each curriculum area will be covered. If you would like more information about the curriculum please contact the Head teacher.