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Design Technology

Design and Technology at St Michael's is taught through a topic based approach. This means that it is not a subject taught continuously throughout the whole year, instead it lends itself to certain themes the children study during different terms of the year. 


All children from Reception up to Year 6 have the opportunity to design, plan, make, review and improve products for a range of briefs. In June, we hold a whole school cooking week as part of the Food and Nutrition element of the D&T curriculum. All year groups design and make a food product suitable to their age group, whilst also researching costings, food miles and what makes a healthy balanced diet.


Please see the table below to see which D&T projects the children will be studying this year.



Design and make caves for bears.

Make and decorate clay divas using tools to create patterns.

Build castles from junk modelling, focussing on joining and strength.

Design a castle banquet.

Build, review and improve a simple moving vehicle.

Make and test a basket for the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

Design and make a lighthouse.

Grow and harvest strawberries, researching where food comes from.

Design and make healthy sandwiches.

Year 1/2

Christmas crafts – joining and assembling materials

Design, make and evaluate an outfit for a superhero

Testing the suitability of materials according to their properties

Year 3/4


Year 5/6

Victorian Samplers - Textiles - designing and making

Anderson Shelters - designing and making models

Designing printing objects

Food Technology Week (Yr5 only)