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History and Geography

At Farnsfield St Michael’s, History and Geography are taught mainly through a topic based approach. We teach children to become open minded and enquiring thinkers. We work together to provide stimulating workshops within school and also first hand experiences in the local and wider environment. Our residential visits have a keen emphasis on the teaching of History and Geography.

In KS1 children participate in a wide range of visits in the locality. Year 2 have an overnight camp on the school field.

In KS2, residential visits include Walesby and Castleton in Years 3 and 4 and Liverpool and Scarborough in Years 5 and 6.

Farnsfield St Michael’s has a two year rolling cycle to ensure a full and varied curriculum coverage.

Outlined below are History and Geography based topics included in the 2015-16 cycle. It is also taught through other subject topics.

Year Groups





Continuous Provision

Our local area with special attention on journeys to and from, shops, the library and our homes.

The children are beginning to understand the idea of timelines, with themselves as a starting point as babies. They understand history as events that happen in the past.


The Great Fire!

Water, Fire and Ice


Significant individuals-Samuel Pepys

Around the World –Studying places, continents and oceans



Why do we speak English at school?

(Iron Age to Norman Conquest)


European Regional Study. What is Europe? What is it like?


Changing lives of children

(Tudors, Victorians, WW2) 


The Americas

Ancient Greece-History

Ancient Greece from a Geography Perspective