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Our Wonder Wall

Each Monday we recognise on our 'Wonder Wall' those children who we consider have shown in the previous week that they are outstanding learners. To be an outstanding learner you have to have demonstrated that you are:

  • Open to new experiences
  • Persistent
  • Curious
  • Focussed on what is relevant
  • Resilient
  • Risk taker
  • Full of wonder
  • Willing to ask for support
  • Responsible for your own learning
  • Keen to learn from mistakes
W/B 11th November

Jacob Sweeting

Violet Caunt

Joshua Cole

Sebby Barton

Tyler Robinson

Casper Murray

W/B 4th November

Nancy-Leigh Rawson

Spencer Merrills

Jack McShane Bannister

Jacob Stathan

Edward Hardstaff


W/B 7th October

Finn Barton

Aila Brown

Ben Rodgers

Isabella Robinson

Frankie Gunn

Caitlin Gosden

Choir Concert Children

Jacob Carr

Amy Bray

W/B 23rd September

Jayden Foster

Oliver Patel

Evie Camm

George Sweeting

Lottie Carr

Kitty Whitmee

Zac Burroughes

Chloe Gilbert

Jack Edwards

Hollie Fleet


W/B 16th September

Zach Howarth

Scarlett Riley

Alex Patel

Martha Watson

Isaac Blagg

Olivia Hopkinson

Grace Lowe

William Cox

Ella Cook

W/B 9th September

Ester Weaver

Missy Wilshire

Leon Smith

Tanisha Smith

Gus Kocsis

Rory Hales

Connor Bosson

Zach Howarth