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At Farnsfield St Michael’s, History is taught mainly through a topic based approach. We teach children to become open minded and enquiring thinkers. We work together to provide stimulating workshops within school and also first hand experiences in the local and wider environment.

We theme each term's topic around 'Discover', 'Create' and 'Explore'. The Discover term has a History focus, although the skills of being a historian are developed throughout the year. Each topic is based around a question and is rooted in concepts and values with a real life outcome, such as museums where the children make the artefacts and become curators, or publishing Greek myths to be available in the village library. Examples of our History big questions include 'What if nothing was left behind?', 'What if we learned from our mistakes?' and 'What if we lived through WWII?'

Many of our trips and residential visits have a keen emphasis on the teaching of History.

In KS1 children participate in a wide range of visits in the locality. 

In KS2, residential visits include a History based visit to York in Year 3 and 4. Year 5 and 6 visit the Holocaust Centre.

We have visitors in school to enhance History, such as Partake History.