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As a Church of England primary school our main focus for our RE lessons is Christianity however, with the support of the locally agreed syllabus, we aim as a school to give the children the opportunity to explore and develop a greater understand of a number of world faiths. Our RE sessions offer the children a range of ways to find out what they think and feel about ‘The big issues’ but also to be taught what a number of different faith communities value and believe. We aim for our lessons to not just be about sitting and listening to facts but to engage the children in creativity, debate and active learning. We feel it is important for children to be able to ask questions and to learn that we are not all the same but everything we have to say is valued.


Our curriculum runs on a two year rolling programme (expect for foundation), the purple indicates the key religions covered in that unit of work and the red is the whole school value that is being shared in both our collective worship time and through classroom based discussions and activities.

Throughout the year we try to involve members of our local faith communities in our lessons. We also hope to take the children out and about to experience sacred places within Nottinghamshire and also through our year 5 residential.


Term 1A-Happiness/Perseverance

Term 1B- Responsibility

Term 2- Forgiveness/Acceptance

Term 3- Honesty/Respect





What a wonderful world

Religions: Christianity and Judaism

Giving thanks, being special and harvest time


Special times

Religions: Christianity

Birthdays, Christmas and special days


Jesus a very special person

Religions: Christianity

Special people in our lives, what did Jesus do? Why is he important to Christians?

Special objects and special possessions

Religions: Christianity and Judaism

What is special to me? Special clothes and special foods.




Term 1A-Happiness/Perseverance

Term 1B- Responsibility

Term 2- Forgiveness/Acceptance

Term 3- Honesty/Respect

Cycle A   Year 1 and 2





Religions: Christianity

Belonging, Where do I belong and who cares for me/who do I care for?

Celebrations and festivals

Religions: Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism

Explore stories behind the ‘big days’ such as Hanukah, Diwali and Christmas.






Religions: Christianity and Judaism

Exploring God and what people think about Him.



Religions: Christianity

Finding out about leaders such as  Abraham

Moses,  David  and about modern day followers of Jesus such as Florence Nightingale, St. Francis etc

Cycle B Year 1 and 2




Stories of Jesus

Religions: Christianity

Hearing stories from Jesus the story teller .


What does it mean to belong?

Religions: Christianity

What do we all belong to? Belonging to a faith, what does it mean?







Religions: Judaism

Exploring what is important to us and what is important to the Jewish faith.


Jewish and Christian stories

Religions: Christianity and Judaism


Special stories, special books- The Torah and the Bible








Term 1A-Happiness/Perseverance

Term 1B- Responsibility

Term 2- Forgiveness/Acceptance

Term 3- Honesty/Respect

Cycle A   Year 3 and 4




Inspirational people from the past

Religions: Christianity/Judaism/Islam

Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Esther, David, Ruth, gospel stories and Muhammad and his companions.

Who was Jesus?

Religions: Christianity

Finding out about Jesus, who he said he was and what other people think about him.

Worship and Sacred places

Religions: Christianity

My special places, sacred places, where is special in our village?






Symbols and expression Christianity music and worship

Religions: Christianity

Exploring music and words in the christain faith.

Cycle B   Year 3 and 4




Religion, Family and community- Prayer

Religions: Christianity/Islam

What is praying and how do these two communities of faith pray?

Beliefs and questions

What difference does it make being a Christian

Religions: Christianity

Questions explored like How was the world made? And what do Christians believe about God?



The journey from life to death

Religions: Christianity/Islam/Hinduism

Explore these themes:

Journeys- life as a journey, in religion.  Celebration of a new baby, what do these faith groups do? Milestones in life explored.

Religion family and community:  worship, celebration, way of living


Religion: Hinduism Hindu beliefs, festivals and worship
















Term 1A-Happiness/Perseverance

Term 1B- Responsibility

Term 2- Forgiveness/Acceptance

Term 3- Honesty/Respect

Cycle A   Year 5 and  6




Inspirational people in today’s world 2.9/ Religion and the individual 2.10

Religions: any

People may include: Mother Teresa

William Booth

Desmond Tutu

Dr M L King/ Dr Hany El Banna- Co founder of Islamic relief

Pandurang Sharstri Athavali / Gandhi

Victoria Mathews One of the first women bishops.


Religion, faith and community 2.14

Religions: Islam

Explore life within the Muslim faith, from the perspective of a child.


Beliefs in action in the world 2.15- YR 5 ONLY EVERY YEAR

Religions: Christianity/Islam

Exploring two charities from two different faith groups and their work.

Cycle B Year 5 and 6




Beliefs and action in the world, religious expression through the arts. 2.12

Religions: Christianity/Islam/ any

Exploring religious buildings and their architecture and religious paintings.


Teachings, wisdom and authority 2.13

Religions: Christianity/humanist/Buddhism/Judaism

Exploring what these faith value and hold to be important.

Beliefs and questions 2.11

Religions: Islam and Hinduism

Exploring the beliefs in these two faiths.

Beliefs in action in the world what was the Holocaust?  2.16  YEAR SIX ONLY EVERY YR

Exploring what happened to the Jews during the war, stories of survivors etc