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Time to Celebrate

Each month at our special 'Time to Celebrate' assembly we celebrate and present certificates to children we feel have done something special that is worth celebrating.

In June we celebrated the following people:

Layla Richards for being a kind and caring person. Displaying so many of our rainbow values.

Emily Batchelor impressing us with her creativity  and attention to detail in her work.

Lily Bowman-Cast for her brilliant attitude in class. enthusiastic and hard working.

Erin Burton for the fantastic way she has approached her writing, determined and mature.

Chloe Saunders for reaping the rewards of her dynamism and hard work.

Molly Lawrence for giving 100% in every lesson, and always smiling with a positive attitude.

Aidan Farrimond for being a consistent and motivated learner. Always keen to learn.

Max Atherton for blossoming this term. Showing how his hard work has paid off.

Amelia Robinson for displaying such maturity in her learning and being a superstar!


In May we celebrated the following people:

Eddie Treharne for being a maths superstar! His number bond knowledge blows us away.

Terri-Anne Taylor for showing drive, diligence and determination in all she does.

Ashleigh Stone for her tenacity. Aiming high and and demonstrating a thirst to explore learning.

Noah Wood for his love of learning and passion for knowledge.

Sophie Cook for showing perseverance and determination in all she does.

Thea Allwood for his excellent attitude to learning. taking on feedback and improving his work.

Francesca Lister for being an all round superstar. Always pushing herself to do her best.

Joshua Howells for being a superstar this term, displaying a great attitude to his learning.

Isla Milns for trying so hard with her spellings and all the hard work paying off.

Elias Hale for working so hard on his reading and writing. Always wanting to do his best.


In April we celebrated the following people:

Patrick Carr for always putting himself out there and engaging with his learning.

Thom Park for being the always child. Working hard and supporting others.

Maddi Smith always trying her best and showing great kindness.

Jeff Park for being a role model for any occasion. He is a star!

Missy Wiltshire for demonstrating such focus and drive to achieve.

Ellie Molly for a wonderful attitude to work and caring nature to others.

Lucie Dwyer for being a fantastic role model for others.

Ivy Vand der Sande for settling in to school so quickly and wowing us with her writing.

Megan Gallinagh for being a marvellous Y6 student, focus and hard working.

Jacob Townsend for showing great determination and hard work.

Max Weiss for being such a helpful and kind member of the class.

In March we celebrated the following people:

Millie Woodward for a brilliant attitude and her 'secondary ready' learning behaviours.

Oliver Waterall for the wonderful effort and attitude he shows to his work.

Erin Blencowe for being a ray of sunshine and tackling challenges with such positivity.

Demi Fury for super effort and perseverance throughout the whole of the spring term.

Caitlyn Peace for being an 'amazing giving everything' person.

Elle Mai Hopkinson for being such a hardworking and motivated learner.

Finlay Kelly for displaying a growing maturity and focus.

Bella Cook for being an 'always' child- always trying her best...smiling... behaving.

Ava Jackson for being an extremely kind girl who always does the right thing.

Patch Kelly for displaying a new outlook and  maturing attitude to school life.


In February we celebrated the following people:

Jacob Statham for his exceptional attitude towards everything he does.

Charlotte Smart for her positive attitude and mature approach to learning.

Lilly Taylor for her dedicated and hardworking attitude to all aspects of her learning.

Finley Hull for his focussed learning and 'can do' attitude.

Evelyn Docherty for the huge efforts she puts into all her work.

Scarlett Radford for displaying such resilience and confidence in all she  does.

Esmee Mapstone for her outstanding phonics work and independent writing.

Leighton Jarosinski for his fantastic attitude to learning and great scientific knowledge.

Poppy Rogers for always working hard, focussing on her work and being a credit to the class.

Oliver Brotherhood for a superb attitude to his work and school life.

Jemma Parkin for a fantastic attitude to her learning and always having a wonderful smile.

In January we celebrated the following people:

Ollie Warham for the great improvement in his English work.

Charlotte Wright for being such a wonderful role model to others in the class.

Hannah Baird for her superb attitude to learning, her model behaviour and fantastic writing.

Dylan Jackson for his growing confidence and self-belief.

Isabel Merrills for her super phonic work and growing confidence.

Marth Kelly for her caring attitude, improved focus and positive role model for others.

Danny Rodgers for his maturing outlook and focus on learning.

Tulip Wood for her wonderful attitude to learning especially in maths and contributions to class.

Elliott Gosling-Barr for really stepping up a gear and showing great determination to succeed.

Jack Rogers for showing a fantastic commitment to his learning, always striving to improve.

Edward Clarke for always working as hard as he can and going above and beyond at home and school.

In December we celebrated the following people:

Ethan Pitt for his attitude and focus on his learning especially in Maths and English.

William Marshall for a great Y6 attitude, showing resilience and taking greater responsibility.

Charlotte Callaghan-Whetton for taking on board advice and producing wonderful work.

Finley Ramowski for always giving his best and having a contagious thirst for knowledge.

Sophie Downer her wonderful attitude to her learning, her friends and her conduct.

Lacey Sheppard for being an inspiration, always  willing to go that extra mile.

Jasmine Willoughby for being a lovely class member; funny, kind, helpful and confident.

Iris Allan for her growing confidence and rapid progress in her work.

Zach Howarth for always being focussed and wanting to be the best that he can be.

Aila Brown for being a real pleasure to teach, hardworking, polite and helpful.

William Downing for being such a superstar and making phenomenal progress in his phonics.

In November we celebrated the following people:

Alex Patel for being an 'always' child with an excellent attitude to his learning.

George Waterhouse for showing such a positive attitude to all his work especially guided reading.

Ester Weaver for displaying consistent effort and perseverance in her work.

Katy Johnson for always pushing herself to do her best and being a role model for others.

Ivy Bowman-Cast for all her hard work and spreading her unique magic throughout the school.

Halle Farby for her infectious personality that is a joy to all around her.

Lilly Hennig for showing great perseverance with her learning and making superb progress.

Joshua Downer for always taking on a task and striving to improve. A model pupil.

Jake Cook for blossoming into such a kind, respectful young man who is a real superstar!

Naomi Robichon for showing great resilience in her writing and making brilliant progress.

Adam Michon for his keenness to contribute to class discussions, especially phonics and maths.

In October we celebrated the following people:

Charlotte Naylor for her eagerness to learn and her excellent contributions to class.

Chloe McShane-Bannister for a superb start to Y6 displaying a fantastic attitude to learning.

Seth Cooper who is so kind and puts in such  tremendous effort in to his learning tasks.

Ben Sargisson-Bowler for being a real bucket filler; kind, polite and a great friend.

Tristan Frost for making fantastic progress in such a short time at St Michael's.

Ollie Silcock for his clam, reflective wisdom and a smile that lights up the room!

Anya Cook for working so hard and always having a positive attitude and giving her best.

Caleb Gallinagh for his determination to succeed and taking on advice given.

Harry Howells for pushing himself to do his best and showing a great attitude to learning.

Isla Adams for  producing work of a high standard and pushing herself to be the best she can be.

Melody Baxter for working extremely hard and listening carefully to all that is asked.

In September we celebrated the following people:

Summer Majed for a brilliant attitude towards her time as a Y6.

Adam Cracknell for his superb contributions to class discussions.

Amelia Lester for making such a brilliant start to her time at St Michael's.

Freya Rosevear for her lovely manners, and always trying her very  best in all things.

Jack Eagles for being outstanding in his learning, friendships and attitude.

Hannah Fieldwick for making an excellent start to the year and taking everything in her stride.

Connor Bosson for being an excellent team player and making thought provoking contributions.

Evie Camm for having an amazing attitude to all she does in school.

Gracie Hodgkiss for an excellent start to St Michael's, working hard and always trying her best.

Elena Tsang for being such a fantastic role model to other children.

Lauren Pegg for setting the standard for Y6 with her conscientious and positive attitude.