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Time to Celebrate

Each month at our special 'Time to Celebrate' assembly we celebrate and present certificates to children we feel have done something special that is worth celebrating.

In January we have celebrated the following people:

  • Ellis Eadson for working hard this year and looking for where to make improvements to his work. 
  • Florence Wheatley for her amazing writing showing great flair.
  • Tulip Wood for being kind, caring and living out our school values. 
  • Maia Lakin for soaking everything up like a sponge and putting her own wonderful twist on it. 
  • Eryn Blockley for standing out as an incredibly kind and caring girl, looking out for her peers and showing incredible maturity.
  • Isabella Robinson for showing the school values and wonder-wall attributes in everything she does. 
  • Sam Hazard for blowing away the teachers with his attitude towards others and his 100% effort in all he does. 
  • Amelia Robinson for being an 'always' child. A wonderful role-model to others. 
  • Jake Turner for showing an amazing attitude towards his learning. 
  • Freya Rosevear for always coming in to school with a smile on her face and showing enjoyment in her work. 

In December we celebrated the following people:

Jeff Park for his excellent attitude and attentive nature and embodying all of our Rainbow values.

George Waterhouse for his constant smile and positive attitude to all he does.

Lottie Carr for always setting the bar high in everything she does.

Alfie Ramm for showing great resilience  and a growing confidence to set challenging goals.

William Carter for the wonderful progress he is making and for being such a lovely boy.

Joshua Downer for being a fine example of what an excellent learner is.

Sophia Shaw for having a very focussed, positive attitude to all her studies.

Scarlett Stephens for giving 100% and really focussing on her work.

Ben Rodgers for always trying hard in all his work and being such a kind and helpful class member.

Feeya Asong for having a fantastic attitude to all areas of her learning. 

Mr Walker for being a loving and caring headteacher.

In November we celebrated the following people:

Evan Eadson for being someone who each and every day display so many wonderful values.

Annabelle Martindale for maturing into such a fantastic Y6 pupil. A true star!

Isaac Hudson for his growing independence and confidence and hard working ethic.

Henry Stevenson for his fantastic contributions in class and the improvements he has made.

Lucy Naylor for being a superstar and always giving 100% to improve all aspects of her learning.

Halle Farby for being such a kid and helpful class member and her fantastic attitude to learning.

Scarlett Bosson for being an absolute superstar in all that she does!

Leighton Jarosinski for his unbelievable knowledge and hard work in English and Topic.

Willow Coupe for skipping into school and being such an enthusiastic and excited learner.

Zac Mapstone for putting so much effort into everything he does and his growing confidence.

In October we celebrated the following people:

Danny Powell for always being keen to learn and try his best and share his wonderful knowledge.

Ivy Bowman-Cast for working so hard on her writing and always displaying love to everyone.

Freya Austin for such a fantastic attitude to Y6,a  credit to her class and school.

Casper Murray  for showing such great motivation to achieve and being such a supportive pupil.

Ester Weaver for epitomising so many of our Rainbow Values and displaying such great focus.

Christopher Matumbike for a really positive start to 4 and displaying a maturity to learning.

Caitlin Gosden for her fantastic attitude and hard work, so impressive!

Aila Brown for a mature attitude to learning and a great  example of perseverance.

George Sweeting for being a superstar and a great example to others.

William Downing for really stepping up to Y1 expectations and showing such responsibility.

In September we celebrated the following people:

Harriet Islip for living out the school values on a daily basis, a total credit to the school.

Megan Brown for her dedication to achieve. Displaying real perseverance and positivity.

Charlie Jones for demonstrating focus and drive and soaking up each and every learning moment.

Euan Jeffs for his polite manners and kind , caring nature a real asset to the school.

Melody Baxter for her commitment and positive attitude to her learning.

Rory Hales for setting the bar as an independent learner and making such great progress.

William Cox for really stepping up to the role as a Y1 and supporting others in class.

Lola Slater for being a friendly, happy and hardworking superstar!

Ella Cook for being an 'always' child. Always trying her very best in all that she does.

Elena Tsang for showing such enthusiasm for her learning and contributing fully in class.